The workplace acts as a second home for many employees around the world. Besides spending numerous hours of work a week in this particular environment, the office also holds many responsibilities which you need to fulfil. Just as with your regular home, accidents and injuries happening in the workplace cannot be avoided even when you take the utmost care.

Different from the bustling and busy streets and far from the dangers of a construction site, the office is a totally whole new environment. As a matter of fact, you might even be wondering exactly how you can be injured in a closed-door setting. Despite sitting, working on a computer or simply talking on the phone, there are still dangers you may encounter along the way.

Types of Injuries Incurred in the Workplace

According to the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, some of the most common accidents that can result in injuries in the workplace include falling down, tripping and lifting. The institution also cites stationary objects being hazardous as these items can be bumped into by employees. The lack of proper workstation ergonomics is also considered a source of an accident within the office, resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome and the like.

Of these, the institution notes that falling down are not only the most common accident, it is also the source of debilitating and crippling harms. This can result from tripping over open desks, slipping on wet floors, and even falling from lifting small or heavy loads.

Why Report Workplace Injuries

Experiencing these instances can admittedly feel silly or even embarrassing, especially when it happens in front of your co-workers. In fact, you might find yourself simply brushing these off and proceeding with your regular tasks for the day.

Before you go about your normal routine, taking the time to report your workplace injuries is essential. Not only can it help prevent unwanted circumstances such as extreme disabilities and even death, but it can also serve as a guide for colleagues who are experiencing the same problems.

No matter how big or small the incident may be, letting your employer know about your situation can help give you the care and attention you need.

Role of Lawyers

Filing an injury claim can be intimidating, particularly with all the legal jargon you may be encountering. To help ease the whole process, a personal injury compensation lawyer in Brisbane can guide you in filling up your report and getting just workers’ compensation on your behalf. More than this, they can help investigate your case and prevent similar cases from happening in the future.

With a lawyer on your side, you can effectively communicate what happened to you without having to fear that you might offend someone superior. A Brisbane no win no fee lawyer can thoroughly investigate the accident and get you in immediate contact with your healthcare provider. Likewise, these attorneys can also get in touch with previously injured employees who have had similar cases with you.

If you need to report an injury, don’t hesitate to let authorities and your employers know. Doing so can help foster a safer and more comfortable work environment for you and for every single person working in your office.

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