Domestic violence arrest can cause suspension of your gun right, the revoking of professional license and also may cause loss of liberty. The number of cases of domestic violence is increasing which include a simple dispute with domestic partners, husband and wife, and boyfriend and girlfriend. The fact is that when cops are called for help instead of showing some sympathy, they pick anyone and take them to the prison. After that when you are presented before the judge for bail, the judge has no sympathy and you are going to suffer more.

What are you supposed to do?

If anyone you know is arrested on Penal Code 273.5, 243(e)(1), 242, 594 and 245, you should ask for help from an experienced defence lawyer as soon as possible. You don’t know where the case could lead that person; it can be a misdemeanour or a serious felony. In some cases, if the incident happens with someone you know with a stranger or they are involved in a relationship, the rate of the bail can be much higher as well as one can get protective orders before even the case goes before the court.

Cops get easily biased by their own life experiences and also many other factors. It is always a fact that everyone trusts the woman in domestic violence more than a man; therefore, if you are a male, you are likely going to jail in 8 out of 10 times. When cops make the charge sheet for the case and present it to the court, the charge sheet remains biased on whose side of the story they believed more.

Domestic violence lawyers who are experienced can tackle your case nicely. They can crosstalk on every false charge before the Judge and can cut make the charges dismissed or dropped in the court.

How to Choose the Lawyer?

You can choose a capable lawyer from a website like Elliott Sauter website. You should go to their history before hiring, see that they did well previously. Check their track record to get a bright idea. The more win in his background, the better he is. Some lawyers never lost in the court. DV is one severe charge, and many wrong people get accused. Many people who are not guilty fall on the wrong side of the court. Many lawyers instead of having enough evidence cannot impress the judge or the jury. Some lawyers even having so many proofs cannot present the evidence in a right way to the court.

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