LawCash™ is a legal company offering funding to help accident victims to get surgery or take care of another bill that they have. As a litigation funding leader, this company pledges:

  1. They promise to treat their clients or potential clients with respect and compassion;
  2. They promise that there will be no surprises to the clients anywhere during the litigation financing process;
  3. They encourage plaintiffs and other attorneys to come back to them for litigation financing in the future;
  4. They assemble rolling contracts when it is viable. This type of funding legally offers a withdrawal of funds when essential, rather than fund advancing in a lump-sum payment;
  5. They give all their clients a 5-business day to extract their legal funding contracts without penalty or further obligation.

Lead role

LawCash® is a legal funding company that has maintained a lead in the funding litigation market and is one of the inventive founders of “American Legal Finance Association” (ALFA). ALFA has set standards that are high and the practices for this new industry trend, defending the rights of the plaintiffs in the United States.

20 years ago

When this legal firm opened started almost 20 years ago, it started a new market industry: litigation funding. LawCash™ got both praise as well as doubt in response. Fortitude and tenacity did pay off with LawCash® manufactured a record of attendance to the needs of those injured as well as to the legal community with what is called pre-settlement funding.

Stayed in business

Countless legal funding organizations have come and gone since then. LawCash™ has stayed a business that is dependable and has a goal to offer the most decent and accountable litigation financing at the lowest cost.

Help thousands

This is a simple repetition that allowed LawCash® to be able to help thousands of clients with pre-settlement funding advances, as will as their attorneys, during times that are difficult.

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