The 2018 Finance Law, through the increase in the tax levied on the legal protection insurance contracts (article 35 of the law), made it possible, particularly under the influence of the professional federations, to recall the importance of such contracts.

The legal protection insurance for insiders is a contract concluded between an insurance company and a consumer allowing the latter to meet a dispute with a third party, to benefit from assistance and care, more or less limited, different costs of procedure, investigation.

What is the precise coverage of legal protection insurance contracts? When can we activate it? What can be the remedies available in case of disagreement with the insurer as to the functioning of a procedure? How does legal protection position itself with regard to legal aid? You can visit for the best information.

What is the definition of legal protection?

The legal protection insurance contract is defined as an operation which consists in “taking charge of procedural costs or providing services resulting from the insurance cover, in case of dispute or litigation between the insured and a third party, in particular to defend or represent in demand the insured person in civil, criminal, administrative or other proceedings or against a claim of which he is the object or to obtain amicable repair of the damage sustained”.

  • Like all other insurance contracts, the legal protection insurance contract is based on three elements: risk litigation), a premium, and the performance of services in case of risk realization.
  • You must refer to the definition of “litigation” in your insurance policy.
  • Indeed this term can be defined differently from one insurer to another which can impact the assumption of a claim.
  • Therefore without a procedure, in the “judicial” sense of the term, as administrative, civil or criminal is launched, the guarantee PJ can be brought to play.

The benefits, which are the counterpart of the payment of the premium, are mainly three in number (all types of contracts combined, see the different types of contracts):

This type of guarantee is a real weapon of prevention as to the occurrence of a dispute.

Accompaniment of the insured, at amicable or judicial stage, in the exercise of these rights (drafting formal notice, organization of expertise, setting up of transaction).

Covering the costs inherent to the procedures put in place in the context of the resolution of the dispute.

What are the different types of contracts?

General legal protection:

  • This type of contract covers risks that fall under contractual law, consumer law, administrative law, criminal law, real estate law, digital law.
  • It is offered to a professional clientele or a private clientele.
  • Segmented legal protection: it covers only one or more areas of intervention: legal protection for the self, legal protection for consumption, housing, health, family, labor court, etc.
  • Its field of intervention is extremely framed and makes it possible to avoid guarantee holes.
  • We have an exhaustive list of the risks covered.
  • Criminal defense and recourse following accidents

This guarantee backed by a civil liability insurance contract is oriented around two axes:

A slip and fall accident attorney which corresponds only to the criminal defense of the insured’s personal interests following an accident, defined by contract under the civil liability guarantee, for which he is presumed responsible.


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