FinTelegram,  the financial internet blog which thousands have been tricked to lean on for financial gossip, has become an uncharted minefield today. Several sources online allege the blog is engaged in financial blackmail and racketeering – removing articles that disparage companies or people in exchange for a hefty fee. 

However, further investigation has revealed that stronger influence looms over the ensuing scandal. The site which masqueraded as an investigation site was in fact managed and operated by three convicted fraudsters – Werner Boehm, his romantic partner, Elfriede Sixt and their long-time partner-in-crime, Alfred Dobias.

The company representing,, and other related domains keep changing, but according to our investigation they currently tie back to a rather mysterious company named Cyber Intelligence Services LLC.

As such, can there be any upside in FinTelegram falling prey to a smear campaign? Or can there possibly be any truth to these allegations? 

Here are a few insights backed by substantial evidence:

The Early Spark For FinTelegram’s Corporate Scandals

The editor-in-chief of Fintelegram is Austrian national Werner Boehm. The venture is backed by Boehm’s partner – chartered accountant Elfriede Sixt, and Austrian Alfred Dobias – also of MezzaCap Investments UK Ltd. In addition, as a founding member of Yline Internet Business Services AG, Werner Boehm worked closely with IBM Europe in 1999. However, shortly afterwards, the firm went bankrupt.

Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office received a statement of facts from the trustee of the bankruptcy in September 2002, in which stated: 

“Sales have been artificially generated that were not matched by a corresponding cash flow.”

A trial started in April 2014 against former members of the management who were being investigated by the public prosecutor for crimes committed. Werner Boehm eventually escaped with only a meagre fine of € 7,000 – which he did not contest. Thereafter, he joined BitRush Corporation in Toronto, Canada, as CEO in December 2015. 

Later that year, the board of directors ousted Werner Boehm when they discovered he had stolen funds from the company. In response to the scandal, the company even issued an official press release.

The German Business Insider reported in 2017 that a Canadian court ruled Boehm had illegally transferred $561,373 from the company to accounts controlled by him. As if to conceal the illegal transactions, Boehm transferred the money to a smaller company he owned over several months. At the time, Elfriede Sixt was responsible for accounting. Nonetheless, the presiding judge in the case was not lenient towards Boehm, stating in November 2017: 

“Böhm’s conduct as set out herein was oppressive, unfairly prejudicial and unfairly disregarded the interests of BitRush’s shareholders.” 

Werner Boehm, Elfriede Sixt and Alfred Dobias of MezzaCap Investments UK Ltd. were all, in the end, convicted in the Canadian Court. In 2018, the Ontario Superior Court of Justice ordered the cancellation of over 112 million shares of BitRush Corp. As of August 2017, BitRush Corp. published a press release warning its investors about an ill-conceived investment scheme run by Werner Boehm.

Today, the company operating the Fintelegram website is listed as Cyber Intelligence Services LLC – however, this is subject to change.

Cyber Intelligence Services LLC And Its Blackmailing & Racketeering Activities

There are several sources online alleging that Werner Boehm uses FinTelegram and Cyber Intelligence Services LLC to gain personal and monetary gain and to negatively portray high-profile international financial services companies and their employees. Following that, it offers a consultancy service to remove negative articles from FinTelegram, etc, at a cost of either cash or Bitcoin.

In the case of companies onboarding new  banking or payment partners or engaging in M&A projects, negative press can be crippling. FinTelegram, aware of the issue, frequently targets small and medium size startups  and individuals expected to bend to the demands of Boehm and his accomplices.

An exposé by investigative financial crimes website about Werner Boehm states:

“FinTelegram, as has been revealed in our ongoing series of exposés, is by no means the “crowdsourced financial intelligence” outlet it claims to be. On the contrary, as has been laid out, the site is owned by a number of notorious financial criminals, led by Ilan Tzorya and Werner Boehm, who use the site for their own devious ends.

 One of the most despicable ways the site is being used by its criminal owners is as a means of applying pressure on their adversaries while trying to manipulate ongoing investigations and obstruct justice. Many of the people often “reported,” on by FinTelegram, are in fact former partners of their owners, who have had a falling out with the owners, with some of them making some well-grounded allegations against the criminal owners, which are being investigated by various police agencies around the globe.”

Financial Fraud Disclosed By “The Smoking Gun”

In June 2018, as shown by several screenshots shared by Exposed Crimes, Ilan Tzroya of Krypton Publisher Ltd Trust Company transferred 20.000 EUR to Alfred Dobias of FinTelegram / MezzaCap Investments UK Ltd. The bank transfer stated:

 “Payment according to option and confidentiality agreement”.

Later, in August 2018, Werner Boehm disturbed by Tzroya’s actions, wrote several emails to an assistant, stating:

“I want to legally act against Werner (the guy from FinTelegram). Include blackmailing me/Krypton. (…) I sent you today the link where FinTelegram/Werner breached the contract, for which we paid 20.000 EUR. Please coordinate with Uwe’s lawyers to sue Werner.”

Ilan Tzorya refers to a since-deleted FinTelegram exposé detailing Ilan Tzorya’s business empire in multiple blog posts. Then, Werner Boehm and FinTelegram deleted the content – without an explanation.

Today, FinTelegram’s self-proclaimed cybercrime blog is all praise for Ilan Tzorya, even in writing: 

“For EFRI [FinTelegram] Ilan Tzorya is a good guy because he delivers information that helps EFRI to recover funds from Gal Barak and his schemes. – Elfriede Sixt, EFRI Coordinator”

The question is what Tzorya paid FinTelegram for, why the negative articles about him were removed and why FinTelegram now seems to only have positive remarks about him.

To Conclude

Can one possibly see a silver lining when this self-purported “cyber-crime watchdog” Cyber Intelligence Services LLC is led by Vienna based Werner Boehm and Ilan Tzorya, international criminals?

Placing negative keywords in their articles to trick Google, Yandex and other search engines, FinTelegram conspires to associate negative topics with their victims. An elaborate, evil, instrument of extortion and obstruction of justice, FinTelegram (Cyber Intelligence Services LLC) is nothing but a breeding ground for devastating financial scandals.

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