In the event you have been seriously injured in a car accident, you would look forward to hiring the services of a Louisville Personal Injury Lawyer to handle your personal injury case. They would have the requisite experience to handle your case in the best manner possible.

It would be pertinent to mention here that you should not turn to just any attorney for assistance; rather you should look for someone who would have the necessary expertise in handling your type of personal injury compensation claim. The attorney should be someone whom you could trust.

Choosing the right attorney for you

In order to find out whether the chosen lawyer has been deemed right to you, it would be pertinent to sit down with the attorney for discussing your claim and the right mode to handle it. You should gather the copies of your documents such as medical records, police reports, medical bills, information on loss of income, and all correspondence with the insurance company.

You would not be charged anything by most lawyers during the initial consultation. However, prior to you meeting the lawyer, you should find out whether the attorney would charge you for the initial interview. In the event of the lawyer looking forward to charging you only for the discussion regardless or not contemplating on taking your case, you should consider a different attorney.

Experience of the attorney

When you inform your attorney about the case, there would be several basic things that you would look forward to finding out from the attorney. It would be inclusive of the following:

  • The time spent by the lawyer in practice
  • The number of attorney’s practicing personal injury cases
  • Whether the attorney represents the plaintiff or the defendant. It would be pertinent that the attorney representing you should have adequate experience in handling personal injury cases. The attorney should have been lawyers for plaintiffs rather than for defendants. Their way of thinking might benefit the insurance companies. As a result, they would not fight as hard for your claim.
  • Does the attorney handle the case personally or pass it to another? You may not be sure whether the other attorney would be competent to handle your case in the right manner or not. In such a scenario, you should inquire which attorney has been assigned to handle your case.

These aforementioned aspects would be imperative for you to handle your specific car accident injury attorney hiring needs.


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