So you’re interested in finding a family lawyer, but aren’t sure what qualities make a great one? Well, it’s reasonable to wonder about that, because it is not like you deal with family lawyers every day of your life. And the incredible options of lawyers in the market don’t make it any easier.

Finding a good family lawyer like wilmington divorce lawyers is critical; it’s the only guarantee that you will get the best possible outcome for your case. It’s therefore essential to learn about the qualities of a good lawyer, so you can know when you spot one.

Without further ado, here are the qualities to watch out for:

The lawyer’s experience

The first and perhaps the most crucial thing to watch out for is the lawyer’s experience. If you think about it, a lawyer won’t be able to achieve much if they are amateurs at what they do. Look at the number of cases of similar magnitude as yours that they have handled and the success rates. The lawyer should also have a couple of years in practice to back them up.

The lawyer’s diligence

You probably are wondering how you’ll know this, but it is easier than you imagine. Like you can tell this when you call them – does s/he pick up or was it their secretary; does he talk about why you called or do they go straight to pricing. Again, does s/he go over the legal facts, process or offer a recommendation or not. How a lawyer expresses themselves will also tell you more about them. If you don’t get any of this from your initial call, move on.

The lawyer’s integrity

It’s easy to overlook this aspect, yet it bears so much weight. A good lawyer is one who is entirely open with you regarding the strengths and weaknesses of your case. You’ll be surprised by the overwhelming number of lawyers in the market who will encourage you about the case so that you can retain them.  A good lawyer should not withhold any crucial information; they will tell you everything you need to know so that you are aware of the potential outcome as well as what to expect to avoid surprises.

The lawyer’s communication skills

Remember, the lawyer is going to act as your voice throughout your case – you want to make sure they are articulate and well informed. They should also be good listeners to understand every detail that you are telling them. In addition to that, the lawyer should be accessible to you, whether it’s through a phone call or email. You shouldn’t be calling their paralegal or secretary for information. You also should obtain all legal advice from the lawyer as well as updates regarding your case.

The lawyer’s people skills

A good family lawyer should be empathetic – with a sense of belonging to a family. Keep in mind that in addition to your goals and needs, the lawyer should also be able to comprehend your position and where you stand.

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