Accidents happen on the road, but they can be avoided. Here are 5 good tips for prevention:

  • In the winter or on cold, wet days, make sure your windows are clear before starting to drive. Too often folks are in a hurry, drive off with obscured windows, and miss a critical detail before ending up in an accident, typically in a slow-drive situation not far from home.
  • Keep your tires in good condition and inflated. They literally represent the connection of your car to the road. Poorly maintained tires fail at the worst possible times, triggering loss of control and accidents. These situations are entirely preventable with a bit of care.
  • Never assume others see you. Good drivers always assume others will make mistakes, and stay alert on what’s happening around them on the road. They also regularly think about how to get out of a bad spot in every driving situation. That way, if there is a need, they don’t freeze and do nothing when it matters most.
  • When the weather is bad outside, stay off the road. Most people don’t maintain their vehicles to deal with extreme weather, snow and flooding. As a result, the vehicle can fail and that can lead to an accident as well. Staying off the road entirely avoids the problem right from the beginning.
  • Always have a good idea where you are going if driving in an unfamiliar area. Use maps and look for alternate routes. Most folks get into accidents on trips because they are not aware of the local conditions and risk. A bit of planning can avoid these issues as well and make the trip more enjoyable as well.

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