Some people unfortunately get injuries due to slip and fall at a department store. They do not know what to do exactly after getting a fall injury. But, Departmental stores like the Home Depot or Lowe’s usually have business liability insurance and also have experienced attorneys that help in repressing their personal injury claims that are filed against them. But, you do not worry because a personal injury lawyer Toronto always ready to help those people who want to file a personal injury claim against such famous departmental stores. How you can protect your rights are described below:

A few general causes of Slip and fall accidents

Department stores like Home Depot or Lowes usually keep construction products, large and heavy tools, and some other articles that are more hazardous than the normal departmental stores items. These items can poses injuries to people when they do not stock in a safe manner. A few general causes of slip and fall accidents are:

  • Slip on water that is spilled in the garden area or in the plan section
  • Falling over a ladder, a card, a dolly, or a products lift
  • Tripping over an improperly-placed floor mat
  • Slip over spilled industrial liquids like cans of paint
  • Fallen products such as lumber or heavy boxes or tiles
  • Slipping on snow, ice, or rain that has tracked inside the department stores’ entrances by visitors

The law on maintaining a safe environment

Ontario’s Occupier’s Liability Act already has set some conditions that businesses like the Home Depot and Lowe’s must follow these conditions to provide a safe workplace. According to Section 3 (1) the owner of the property is liable to take care of the person who enters in their premises. The duty of care includes:

  • Daily cleans the floors
  • Regularly examining the floors for fallen spills and merchandise
  • Putting out danger signs like “Slippery Floor” when there are hazardous circumstances
  • Ensuring secure storage
  • Make sure that there’s proper lighting
  • Regular maintenance checkups and monitoring

Why you need a lawyer?

As we already mentioned the famous departmental stores has a proficient lawyer to represent their case, thus you also need to have an experienced lawyer who can guide you on how to file a claim, advice on how much to seek in reimbursement, how to gather necessary evidence to prove your claim, and when to settle out of court or proceed to trial.

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