Are you an attorney considering hiring a digital marketing company? If so, then don’t hire the first marketing firm you come across. You want to use one that specializes in attorney marketing online. With that said, below are will discuss what to look for in a digital marketing company that specializes in attorney marketing.

Types Of Law Firms They Market

As you are well aware, there are dozens and dozens and dozens of law firms out there like the Buffalo attorneys at The O’Brien Firm. Some digital marketing companies focus on specific law firms and may need to find a criminal lawyer in Little Egg Harbor, NJ or lawyers who fight for compensation, such as personal injury attorneys. Then there are marketing companies that deal with all types of law firms.

Choose a marketing company that markets lawyers like yourself. Don’t choose one that specializes in attorney marketing, but only for attorneys who practice in a specific area of law. The last thing you want to do is waste money on a company that normally doesn’t work with lawyers in your field of law.

Success Stories

When you’re looking at a digital marketing company that specializes in attorney marketing, check out their success stories, testimonials or reviews. The feedback should be provided by real attorneys who gave used the company’s services. You can learn a lot by reading testimonials, but make sure whatever you read is verified. You don’t want to be reading a bunch of fake testimonials.

If a digital marketing company doesn’t have many success stories and can’t share any with you, then this is a red flag. The best companies are proud of their work. Move on and continue looking for another digital marketing company if they refuse to show you testimonials or if you can’t find any reviews on them.


Before you hire a digital marketing company for your law firm, make sure they can show you past examples of their work. Any reputable and good digital marketing company will have a portfolio on-hand. However, some of their clients’ information might be kept confidential, therefore you won’t get to see who they are if they are included in the marketing company’s portfolio.

A portfolio can tell you a lot about as digital marketing company that specializes in attorney marketing. It can give you an idea of what to expect if you were to hire the company. It’ll also give you a glimpse into the kind of quality of work the company performs.


Another thing to look for in a digital marketing company is communication skills. Is the company you’re thinking of using have good communication skills and will they keep you updated on how your campaign is going? Get a feel for their communication skills before you make a decision as to whether or not to hire them.

If you are patient and compare a few marketing companies, while keeping the above info in mind, then eventually you’ll find a good digital marketing company to work with. Before you know it, your law firm will reap the benefits of a good digital marketing campaign.