Juveniles are believed to be the responsibility of parents or guardians or foster parents, as per the laws prevalent in any State. Not all juveniles are blessed with loving parents and stable families. The world is full of unimaginable failure stories that result in poor situation of juveniles. These juveniles left totally on their own, due to the circumstances prevailing in their home country, are protected by US State dictated laws. To qualify as the receiver of these benefits extended by Law, in accordance with Human Rights, the juveniles require taking Predicate Order from the court.

Listed here are certain conditions when Predicate Order is granted to the juvenile

  • Safety of juvenile is under threat due to dysfunctional family

Juveniles of parents who are living a life in totally irresponsible way are exposed to various threats. If they are mistreated, likely to be sold, or abused bitterly by the parents for their selfish motives, they can apply for Predicate Order.

  • Juveniles abandoned by the parents or family

People not able to manage themselves like drug traffickers, war torn individuals, convicts serving their term in jails, etc are not able to provide for their children as required. Such juveniles can reach to the US court and have immigrant visa granted.

  • Families of juveniles destroyed due to natural calamity

If the home country is struck by the natural calamity and leaves behind the juveniles separated from parents lost or dead in the disaster, the US laws make arrangements for such abandoned juveniles to be adopted by agency, individual or any department deemed fit to take the custody of the juvenile.

Thus, if any juvenile has seen the worst of the life, it is advisable to guide him or her about special Immigrant juvenile attorney who can represent the case in US court of law and get him the required help.

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