An excellent young woman with a law degree from Oxford University and an MBA from the Stanford University Business School has been rejected after two requests for a child’s work visa H-1B. I would like to ask the Trump administration if I am not qualified to stay. In the United States, there are examples of people who have caused heated discussions in the immigration community. Many Chinese who have graduated from prestigious universities have also joined the ranks of vomiting and telling about their tragic encounters that were rejected this year. There is no shortage of good schools and science and technology and they are simply renewed. Old H1B applicant.

Classmate Pasadena was the standard “little stay”. He came to the US for high school when he was 16 years old, then went to the Santa Monica Community College and went to UC Davis to win the high GPA. Dual degree in mathematics and statistics, plus minor in economics. After graduating in 2015, he successfully found a job and received a position as a business analyst at a listed company in Pasadena. In the spring of 2016, he made H1B for the first time, but his luck was not good enough. Fortunately, he studied science and engineering (STEM), and the internship period (OPT) could be extended to more than two years. In the spring of 2017, he fought again for H1B (h1b 簽證) . This time he quickly received a “signature” notice.

Fortunately, he made the worst preparations when he first received the notification of the supplement. At the same time, he began to apply for the institute. Shortly after he was rejected, he received a letter of acceptance from the Institute and was enrolled in September this year. “This is already the best result, at least not after ten years in the United States, because reading too many books was Go back.” However, he also worried that H1B is now being dismissed as “a qualification that exceeds the need for a job,” and embarks on the path of graduate student. “Will it make worse and worse.” Miss Wu, who works for a listed company in San Gabriel Valley, has similar experience. She studied undergraduate and graduate students in a top 50 school in the eastern United States. After graduation, Los Angeles successfully found a job. Three years ago, she survived the H1B draw and successfully went to H1B. Due to his excellent work, the company not only promoted her, but also gave her a green card. Although the income is not too high, she feels she is taking it step by step and is full of confidence in the future.

Since her H1B will be completed in October this year, she will begin to submit materials in the summer to update H1B. In general, only the updated old H1B applicant not only does not need to face the draw, but as long as the company remains unchanged, it is unlikely to encounter obstacles, but she has been stuck at this level. Not long ago, the Immigration Bureau informed her that she is now “different days.” She is no longer a newcomer to the workplace and can no longer use the “entry level” salary requirement. (h1b 最低工资) The Immigration Department believes that her minimum hourly wage needs to be more than 50 yuan. She is only half as bad now, so she was rejected.

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