Family law or the law of domestic relations, it is the law that handles family concerns and marital relations. Family Law in Australia is contained within different forms of laws; it is also consist of the regular laws of equity, which actually have an influence on family and domestic relations. Almost all family lawyers in Sydney are working in the Family Court in Australia.

Family lawyers in Sydney like are working toward helping families to sort out their issues at home and live in love and harmony. Family is all that matters in life and can’t be compared to money. Money is needed but it can’t be prioritized than family. It is when families give more importance to money than members at home, problems arise in most cases. Learn to prioritize family before anything else in life.

In this article, you will get to know the top 3 family lawyers in Sydney. The evaluation of these lawyers is based on different aspects such as reviews, rankings, track record, background, complaints, satisfaction, confidence, and cost to the standard quality.

Ben O’Sullivan

Ben O’Sullivan is one of the best family lawyers in Sydney; they can manage a wide range of issues such as teens maintenance,child support, maintenance, domestic violence, relocation, family counseling, divorce, marriage, and sexual abuse

They can service the international clients throughskype conferences. They can alsoserve clients by making appointments at different locations such as Miranda, Wollongong, Parramatta, Hurstville St. Leonards, andNorth Sydney

Doolan Wagner

Doolan Wagner is one of the oldest lawyer offices for domestic relations, they have been working on family issues since 1966. They can work on so many kinds of family issues such as Divorce, Separation, Child Support, Parenting Orders, Mediation, Child Maintenance, Negotiation, and Collaborative Law.

  • They can offer a low fixed price for the initial consultation.
  • They are committing to achieve the best legal solutions.
  • They are very trustful to deal with all aspects of family law.
  • They are very reliable to deal with all family matters professionally.
  • They are affordable and very reasonable about any fees.
  • They help the clients to have all the details to fully understand the case.

Unified Lawyers

Unified Lawyers is a group of professional family lawyers in Sydney, they can handle different kinds of family cases such as divorce, parenting matters, Financial Disputes, family agreements, child support, Wills, and Family Law. They are willing to Provide a thirtymintsconsultation for free with one of their offices in Sydney. They are going to represent you very powerfully in the court,they will be it always at your side in the stressful situations.

Family law involves the conditions and cases which control the legal duties of people who share a domestic relation. These cases are commonly involving partners who are relatives or married, however, the family law might affect people who in casual relationships also. As a result of the charged emotions in most family situations, the courts are full of family cases.

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