According to experts it is essential that you know the market offer and devote weekdays to make visits to the property. Buying an apartment is the dream of many, however when we start looking for it we realize that the process is more complicated than we thought. And you should realize this search not only it is necessary to know how we want the place in which we are going to live, it is also necessary to dedicate time and money to plan the purchase.

Here are the five steps that you should take into account when purchasing the apartment of your dreams in any city in the country.

• Know and compare prices: for this use real estate portals, search engines and filters to find the offer according to the characteristics of the property they have in mind. In addition to this, look for real estate agencies that give you the opportunity to consult them, for example, the price of the square meter in the neighborhood of your interest. For example, if you want to buy a Belize real estate, you should compare the prices applicable in this area.

  • Hire a real estate company: if you do not have time to search, choosing a company will be your best option. These will be responsible for finding the apartment that fits your search profile. Additionally, it is good to take advantage of this service.

    • Choose weekdays to make visits: taking the Saturday for this is not a good decision, since the conditions of the day will not allow you to see more than four apartments. You’re suggested to schedule a weekday, after 9 a.m. and before going to the apartment, verify that the characteristics indicated by the property do comply with what you need.

  • Take into account that the building has an elevator: do not invest in buildings that do not have that system, or in apartments with a single parking area.

  • Negotiate intelligently: if you decided on a property, make an offer between 10% and 20% below the price you were asked for. This should be in writing and clarify in the document the form of payment – if it is with a mortgage or cash loan -, the times and what they are willing to give in advance.

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