Selecting a competent and reliable family lawyer can be a difficult task, especially in places like Montreal. A true lawyer can create a difference both in the way you go through the emotional process and the outcome of the divorce. You want a relationship you can trust. You want a serious lawyer who listens to your needs. You need the lawyer who can move your divorce case to conclusion. Below are some useful tips for selecting the right attorney.

Find a lawyer you can work with

Your lawyer is your partner during your case. You may need to give embarrassing or sensitive information to your lawyer, things you would not say to anyone. You will often speak to your lawyer and you should be able to give information and understand the explanations of your lawyer on certain steps in relating to the case or how the law should be applied in your situation. Therefore, always go for a lawyer you will be able to work with without any hassles.

  • Seek advice, but make your personal decision

Confiding in family, friends, and colleagues to advise you on a lawyer is one way to gather information on law firms and family law attorneys in your vicinity. Use magazines and websites as these can easily direct you to law firms in your area. If you are also in Montreal, you can opt for family attorneys like the Andrew Heft family law attorney. They together with their clients to help families move from difficult times to a better future.

  • Choose a lawyer and not a law firm

The most relevant relationship is between the law partner and a client and not between a law firm and a client. Look for a relationship with an individual partner in the company as your lawyer. Avoid creating law firm relationships rather have a relationship with an attorney. Let that partner take responsibility for managing your case. If your case goes to an associate attorney, ask for an explanation and ask for the associate’s experience. If your legal partner who took you to a law firm wants to pass your file to an associate, then you should think about another company.

  • Ask yourself: “Do I really like this lawyer?”

You must be able to agree with your lawyer. The first interview is to decide whether you can have a working relationship with your lawyer and knowing how to apply the law in your own case. If a lawyer with whom you find yourself is aggressive, disgusting, disorganized, or acting in a way that makes you less confidence, consider your feeling afterward if you must choose the attorney.

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