In Florida, guardianshipmight be necessary for various reasons:

  • When a person who is elderly becomes incapacitated and no longer manage their own affairs or no longer able to live by themselves.
  • When a minor child loses both parents or inherits any property valued at over $15,000.
  • A child who is disabled becomes 18 years old and the parents no longer make healthcare or legal decisions for this child.

Requires attorney

Guardianships require the use of guardianship lawyer Brandon. This attorney will do the following:

  • Prepare the papers Appointing a Guardian and Petitions to Determine Incapacity and attend hearings with the possible guardian.
  • Represent the incapable person against a Petition to Determine Incapacity, and Appoint a Guardian.
  • Help the guardian file an inventory of theassets of the Ward’s as well as a plan on how the Ward is to be cared for (this will need to be done annually).
  • Help members of the family set up needed trusts funds for beneficiaries who are disabled.
  • Work with personal injury attorneys to create a guardianship over property for the minor who will benefit from any settlement.

Elder Law

Elder law is a legal practice area specifying in issues that senior citizens often face, such as:

  • Health concerns that are age-related
  • Long-term housing and care
  • Wills and trusts
  • Retirement and Social Security
  • Abuse of the Elderly

For the most part, Brandon elder law attorney is rarely in court and usually doesn’t litigate. Most of the work is transactional in nature, such as preparing estate plans; preparing wills and trusts; and working with inheritance tax returns. Elder law can also include somematters that involveloved ones or friends of older adults, such as gaining a power of attorney and caring for parents with dementia.

Without attorney

Some issues in elder law can be done without an attorney, and these can consist of living trusts, last will and testament, as well as power of attorney for health care. But usually at least consulting with an attorney first, will givepeace of mind prior to making such important, and legally binding decisions.

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