Introduction of Mechanics Lien- Mechanics lien is a legal claim which is meant for those who supplies labor and material for the property. If anyone is unpaid for the work he has done for the improvement of the property for a certain period he can file the claim against the property. Lien exists for-

  • Real property- Real property is also known as construction lien, material man’s lien, supplier’s lien or laborer’s lien. It includes commercial building, garages or houses.
  • Personal property– Personal property is known as artisan’s lien. It includes air condition, equipments and other fixtures.

Process of Mechanics Lien- The process of mechanics lien is very complicated and challenging in nature. Contractors, subcontractors or material suppliers are basically claims for Mechanics lien. There are so many rules, regulations and requirements which need to be fulfilled. Procedure may be confusing at the same time and step by step procedure needs to be followed to get the solution soon.

  • Procedure of filling mechanics lien generally depends on the different states. Always it is better to follow the guidelines of the particular state where you are working.
  • When anyone is going to file a mechanics lien it should be signed properly. This shows that lien is a valid in nature. These helps to the workers, suppliers or contractors to get paid the amount what they have made while working on daily basis.
  • Notification is must to the property owner and other parties regarding the unpaid debt. Once you are going to file lien, he should inform to the property owner as well other parties who are linked with the property anyhow.
  • After notification, you need to complete the documentation process. It includes the cross check with the attorney or the local county office also all the relevant and correct details, paper work and lien’s fee.
  • After the documentation process, you need to send the copy of all the documents to the property owner and related parties. It may be served by personally or by mail.
  • Property with lien cannot be sold unless all the dues are not cleared. These liens are made for the benefits of workers, suppliers or contractors.
  • Always keep a check on validity of lien because expires lien is not valid and make sure its enforcement action should be taken before it is expired.

Summary– Mechanics lien is a little time taking procedure but if you will the experts help they will guide you in all steps and it will become such a easy process and claimant will get all the unpaid money in one go. Expertise has experience and knowledge which makes this procedure understandable for claimant and get him paid in certain period of time without delay. For more information click here

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