Child custody

Life is like a rollercoaster ride. There are times when you are on top; there are times when you are down below. Life runs in circles, and most of the time it comes with surprises and events that you are not prepared for. When you decided to get married you thought that life is perfect, it’s time to start a family and work hard to provide your loved ones what they deserve, a financial stability.

But when things go rough and there is no other way but to break up the family that you have worked so hard to build, then you need to face facts and live in the moment by realizing the practical things needed to get a divorce and determine who will get custody of the children.

It is a bitter fact that children get the worst part in the divorce. They are now a product of a broken home. Parents need to consider various things regarding their children, mainly:

  • To whom will the children live
  • Time management for each parent, how many hours to spend with the dad, how many hours with the mom
  • The amount of time that the children will spend with other family members like grandparents, cousins, and others
  • With whom will the children spend special occasions like birthdays, easter, Christmas, father’s day, mother’s day, new year, or any other special events
  • During school breaks or holidays, to which parent will the children stay

For the parents getting a divorce for lawyers handling the case, and for the family court, it is vital to protect the children. It is crucial to put the children first. The court can decide what is best for the kids, and can make orders about:

  • Which parent the children will live with
  • The schedule for each parent to spend time with the kids
  • The court can provide the parents with responsibilities for the kids
  • The court has the right to amend or modify previously given orders

With the children’s best interest in mind, the court takes into deliberation the following:

  • The children’s thoughts about their parents and situation
  • The bond between the kids and the parents
  • The willingness of each parent to participate in their children’s upbringing
  • The extent that the parents will go to provide the children with emotional and psychological support
  • The background of the parents and the children
  • How responsible the parents are to their children
  • If there are a history of abuse or neglect or violence in the family

In getting a divorce, you must not limit yourself in looking for a lawyer that can win your case, but you need to find the best family lawyers in Sydney who can put your children’s welfare first, even above yours.

The law protects the children from any physical harm or abuse. However, the child undergoing a custody hearing is already in pain. Sydney’s lawyers can act a lighthouse to these kids and provide attention and guidance in their darkest days.

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