In days gone by, you would have to meet someone in a dark alley or have a “connection” to enjoy the health benefits of cannabis. With new information coming out touting the benefits of medical marijuana (which is basically just another term for whet everyone had called “pot”) cannabis use is coming out of the shadows and into the daily lives of people who use the substance to not only relieve pain and the after effects of chemotherapy but also to reduce anxiety. People are saying “no thanks” to prescription medication some of which have serious side effects, and “hello” to smoking cannabis. 
You can enjoy cannabis in a variety of ways. There is the old fashioned rolled “joint” or “doobie”; however, the “roach” of a marijuana cigarette leaves a good bit of waste at the end, unless the person indulging wants to singe their fingers. A person can use surgical scissors or “hemostats” to hold the end, but the metal tongs heat up fast. 


Then there is the old-fashioned pipe method. Those little pipes don’t hold a lot and they are rather boring to use. It doesn’t take long to pass around the pipe around, and as with the joint, you end up with everyone’s saliva stuck to the device. 

One new way to indulge in cannabis is “bubblers“. It’s a lot like a water pipe, or old fashioned bong from the 1970s’ however, it’s been upgraded for the times with a more sophisticated glass design. You get a smooth draw from a glass “bong” and they make a decorative addition to your home decor. 


You can keep more than one of these cute little bubble makers on hand for guests, just like beverage glasses. You wouldn’t ask all of your friends to drink from one wine glass or beer stein, so why not have one for personal use and a set for guests if you are “serving” cannabis at an adult gathering? You can find an amazing selection from which to choose in many sizes and bright colors. Enjoying marijuana this way is the perfect compromise between smoking and vaping pot, and happy users of bubbling devices say they take the harsh, “choking” aspect out of smoking when you inhale deeply. The water vapor blends with the contents of the pipe for a full, satisfying taste. You can even add flavors to the water mix! Remember how much you loved making an “apple bong?” Now you can add fruit flavors to the liquid to enhance your enjoyment. Plus, who doesn’t like the fun sound of “bubbling”, especially from a pretty glass decanter? 

There are as many ways to ingest cannabis as your imagination can invent. Cannabis brownies have long been a party favorite; however, you can use cannabis in salad dressings, stews, soups and other tasty meals. 

Politicians and media practitioners are working harder than ever to decriminalize cannabis in many states, cannabis smoking is an activity that is no longer confined to the back bedroom in many homes. Legal shops sell cannabis in a variety of forms. Paraphernalia is losing its stigma, and manufacturers are working hard to design attractive ways to indulge besides buying a package of rolling papers at the local convenience store or head shop. Society is headed in a new direction when it comes to cannabis, and the stereotype of the “lost loser” smoking in the shadows is making way for a new sophisticated take on using cannabis as a natural health and relaxation aid.


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