There are many factors to consider when deciding to hire a criminal lawyer. Finding the right representative and considering these factors grants you with the greatest chance of getting a plea bargain or having the charges dismissed altogether.

Whether you’re innocent or guilty, if you have been charged with a criminal offence it is essential that you find the appropriate representation.  With so many different firms and lawyers to choose from, how do you know that you’re getting the right one that you can trust with your life?

It can be a difficult task but if you follow these steps, it will aid you in your quest to find the best criminal lawyer.

Do you require a lawyer?

The first step to finding the right representation is to determine whether or not you need it. When you get charged with a lessor crime such as a traffic offence you may think that the cost of hiring a lawyer isn’t worth it due to the extent of the offence.

However smaller offences can still lead to large fines and in this case a loss of license. Hiring a criminal lawyer can potentially save you a lot of time and money if they are able to get the better end of the deal. Major offences come with a spectrum of potential fines and jail time. Having someone who is experienced and knowledgeable about their area of law can help you immensely in getting the lighter punishment on the spectrum.

Understand what they do

While in Australia it is legal for an individual to represent themselves in court, they usually don’t have the knowledge or skillset to do it effectively. Criminal lawyers know the system in and out including what your rights are. They have previous relationships with judges and other persons that have certain preconceptions of cases. Knowing how a certain judge or court prefers to operate can swing things in your favour.

The best criminal lawyers are usually there for you before a trial is even considered. In some situations they can help you during police interrogation to ensure that you don’t jeopardise yourself and face additional charges during their investigation.

What to look for

When you are facing criminal charges, look for criminal law firms in Sydney that are familiar with similar cases and have a past relationship with the magistrates that you will be dealing with. Similar experience is important as not all experience is the same. There are numerous amounts of different criminal law cases that require certain knowledge to be able to be carried out effectively. There’s no point in hiring someone who has 10 years in family law when you’re on trial for a criminal case.

All representatives come with past cases that you can review and see if there are any similarities to your cases. If they’ve won a case that is very similar to yours in the past it shows that they have the understanding and capability to represent you to their fullest in a court room setting. If you have had a different type of lawyer in the past, consider asking them for their recommendation as lawyers usually have the most accurate understanding of others reputations.

Make sure that they can communicate effectively to you. Facing criminal charges can be very daunting so it’s important that you understand the procedures and what’s going on. If your representative only explains things in jargon terms you’ll never get a true grasp of your position in the case.

Money is always an important thing to consider when hiring any type of attorney. An experienced attorney will generally cost a lot more than a grad student fresh out of their graduation robes. Have a look at the general fee for these types of cases and don’t be afraid to ask why their fee is different from others.

If you’re ever faced with criminal charges and are wondering how to find the best criminal lawyer. Follow these simple steps. They give you guidance on what to look for and can make the experience a lot easier.

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