Australian roads have become notoriously hazardous places and the court system has heavily scrutinised people who engage in behaviours that cause motor vehicle accidents. Many people involved in car crashes will require the services of a good traffic lawyer in Melbourne to defend them in court.

While being involved in a crash isn’t a criminal act, factors that are considered to be contributory to the crash are taken very seriously by police.  When the crash results in the injury or death of another person, police will lay criminal charges on the person they believe is responsible.

Many other matters involving motor vehicles will require the services of a traffic lawyer in Melbourne to defend clients from culpability. The consequences of being found responsible for a car crash can be fines, loss of license and even imprisonment.

This why those accused with crimes related to motor vehicle accidents should seek the services of a traffic lawyer in Melbourne who understands how to defend their client against such charges.

The most common reasons people need help are drink driving, speeding, mobile phone us (or all three) and reckless driving.

Drink driving

Despite the extreme measures taken by authorities to reduce drink driving it remains one of the most common causes of road accidents across Australia. To combat this issue fines and sentencing for those found drink driving have been increased by a number of factors and they require highly skilled traffic lawyers in Melbourne to challenge them.

Alcohol negatively impairs reaction time and judgement, making dangerous when combined with vehicle use. Courts have little patience for drink driving as it has caused massive devastation to the families of innocent people who have been killed by inebriated drivers.

Phone use

Because of the growing convenience of smartphones, more and more people have taken risks by using their phones while operating a vehicle. Talking on the phone while driving is only legal when using a hands-free device, but now people are using social media in between looking at the road.

Needless to say this is a huge distraction and prevents people from paying adequate attention to the road. The unfortunate reality is that many people see checking their phones as harmless and are overconfident in their ability to multi-task.

There are heavy fines and penalties for those caught using their phones while driving. Those facing charges will need a competent traffic lawyer in Melbourne to help defend them.

Going over the speed limit

Speed limits exist for a good reason, to regulate the flow of traffic and allow people enough time to slow down for stops. When people go above the speed limit, whether consciously or not, they pose a significant risk to other drives and pedestrians.

Driving at high speed prevents people from slowing down fast enough to avoid hazards and puts their car at greater risk of losing traction with the road. Those facing speeding charges can face heavy fines and penalties so they should seek the defence offered by traffic lawyers in Melbourne.

Reckless driving

Reckless driving simply refers to a range of behaviours that the court system considers to be in blatant disregard of others while driving. Everything from tailgating to street racing is considered an act of reckless driving.

Sometimes reckless driving can result from tiredness, a bad day at work or a severe case of road rage. No matter what the reason is, there is no excuse for endangering others with irresponsible road behaviour.

Reckless driving if often punished with fines, penalties and even imprisonment depending on the damage it potentially causes. Those facing these charges should seek the advocacy of experience traffic lawyers in Melbourne.

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