Bounced cheques issues

In UAE, it is assured that everybody gets its right no matter what. There are still so many people who give cheques that are not draw able. For such people, there are strict laws in UAE.

Anyone who will give somebody the false cheque or the one who gets bounced, he will get detained for that. this is because it is considered to be an unfaithful act and the person doing so should get punished.

There are a lot of people who have been seen endorsing the cheques. Such people will get penalized in the same way like those who give the bounced cheques. This is totally an unethical way of giving a cheque to someone knowing that it will get bounced because of the insufficient balance in the account. People do need to stop or else they will get in trouble themselves.

Criminal offence

The bouncing of the cheques is considered to be a criminal act and anyone doing such an act will come under the category of criminal offence. This means that he will get punished for his acts as well.

If a person comes to now that the cheque that has been given to him is false, he must file a case against the person immediately. This is because it is against the law and the people not obeying the laws must get punished as soon as possible.

There are particular steps that must be taken by the people who want to file a case against someone after coming across a bounced cheque. The main step basically includes the registration of a complaint.

Where to register the complaint?

You can register your complaint at your nearest police station easily. You need to register to complain in the police station before filing a case. This is how the things would work for you.

Duration of the sentence awarded to the people who appear to be the culprits?

The people who are proved to be the culprits in case of the bounced cheques do get sentenced to jail for no less than three years. This is quite a huge punishment. This is why people are asked to refrain themselves from committing such acts which have the ability to take them to the jail.

Bounced cheque recovery is really necessary. So, when you file the case and carry out all your duties regarding the bounced cheques, your cheque will get recovered after all the legal proceedings.

You can also get the services of agencies offering debt collection services these days they will carry out all the procedures on your behalf before taking the matter to the court. The debt recovery services that you will get will be up to the mark.

Global debt recovery

A global debt recovery is also an option you can choose from. If you want the services from around the globe, global debt recovery services will suit you more. So, set your priorities and you will be assisted in accordance with them. there is no doubt that the debt collection agencies in UAE will treat you in the best way.

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