Car accidents usually bring with it a host of questions – like who is the person at fault? Who pays for car damages? Who will pay my medical bills? Will I be compensated for pain and suffering? Can I ask insurance to compensate me for lost wages? An experienced Detroit car accident lawyer can be helpful in negotiating the other confusing and chaotic world of insurance claims as well as settlements.


Since many accident attorneys work on what is known as a contingent-fee source, and only paid if there is a resolution that is successful to the claim that the attorney is working with, there is very often no incentive to handle these types of claims on your own – especially when there are significant injuries involved.

Frequent occurrence

Auto accidents are a very frequent happening in the State of Michigan and even more happen in the Metro Area such as Detroit. The odds are that either you or a loved one has been involved in an auto accident in their lifetime. Because of this, it is common for serious injuries to occur as well. Speaking with an auto accident lawyer can dramatically help your situation. An attorney represents clients that have sustained injuries that include broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, neck or back injuries, injuries to the knee, shoulder, any lacerations and all other serious injuries.

Who is at fault?

Fault is very often the most vital essentials in any car accident claim. The drive who is at fault is the person whose negligence caused the entire thing to happen. If it is not clear in your case or if there is fault that is shared fault, the fault is allocatedin the persons,and determined by the essentials of the law on ‘influential negligence’ in your state. When liability is shared by both in an auto accident, it is the insurer’s turn to decide the relative percent of fault of the parties involved.

If you are involved in an auto accident call an accident attorney as quickly as possible.

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