If you get into some legal problem then the first thing you need is a lawyer, but people are often reluctant to contact one unless they are left with no other option. This is because there are certain myths that are circulated so much in the society that people often feel that it is better to maintain a distance with them. Here are four common myths that need to be debunked about these hardworking, ethical professionals.

  1.    They Are Rich, Snobby, and Greedy: How they have garnered the mythical reputation of being snobby, greedy, and ruthless is a mystery. They, in fact, work really hard to represent the case of their client and like any other profession get paid for their time and effort. There are many lawyers who work relentlessly for the poor though they know they won’t be paid.
  2.   They Are Expensive: This myth exists probably because few lawyers charge exorbitantly, but sometimes specialisation comes with a price. There are certain service providers like MonAvocat where you can book a specialised lawyer for a fixed reasonable rate.
  3.    Lawyers Lack Empathy Quotient: Becoming a lawyer is not easy. You need to study for 7-8 years to be a certified lawyer and thereafter you need to keep yourself updated on all the changes happening in various laws from time to time. Thus, while lawyers generally have a higher IQ than the average population they generally lag on the empathy front. They only look at the logical angle and struggle when it comes to understanding the emotions their clients go through.
  4.    They Are Experts in Lying: Now this myth is not absolutely wrong, but then everyone lies at some point of time and lawyers are people too. For each case, there are two parties and one is often on the wrong side. Thus, the lawyer representing the wrong one has to put his client’s side in a way that he has fair chances in the case and for that, his profession needs him to lie at times. The lawyers, however, need their clients to tell them the whole truth so that they can prepare the case properly and handle whatever comes up during the trial.

People need to understand that lawyer is like any other professional and should approach them without any prejudice in the case of a need.

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