Not only an inveterate criminal, but also a completely respectable person can find himself accused in a criminal case. In this case, the question of choosing a lawyer arises, since it is simply unrealistic to defend oneself without special knowledge. Not all investigators and courts are interested in thoroughly understanding each case.

Therefore, without a good lawyer, even an innocent person can end up behind bars. Choosing a lawyer is a rather complicated matter, because if you believe the advertising, each specialist has knowledge and experience, and is conscientious about his duties.

In the case of a criminal charge, it is necessary to understand that your freedom or the term spent in places of detention depends on a lawyer.

The defender can conduct his own investigation, find evidence of your innocence, and if there is guilt, mitigating circumstances that make it possible to re-qualify the crime as less serious or receive a minimum punishment.

Criminal lawyer, how to choose

There are many opportunities for finding and choosing Brandan Davies Merriam Lawyer. At first glance, it is quite difficult to determine the qualifications of a defender. And the opportunity to personally communicate with a large number of lawyers and get an idea of ​​them is not always there. Therefore, many take the path of least resistance and agree to the first proposal.

How attorneys are found:

  • Free defense attorney appointed by the court or investigator. Often, these defenders have low qualifications and little experience. His services are paid very modestly, so the lawyer does not show much zeal, does not want to object to the investigator. Often such a lawyer plays on the side of the investigator and convinces his client to agree with him in everything. Of course, there are many exceptions to this rule, but the question is whether it is worth relying on them and risking years of freedom. Do not forget that if you lose the case, the legal costs may be borne by you, and you will have to reimburse the lawyer’s salary.
  • Counsel, whose representation is located in the courthouse. On the one hand, such a lawyer knows all prosecutors and judges well. But, on the other hand, he is far from always ready to quarrel with them and defend his client. Therefore, this choice is highly controversial.
  • A lawyer selected on the advice of an investigator or investigator. Here everything is by analogy with a free defender. Such a lawyer can act both in the interests of the client and in the interests of the investigator, depending on his own moral qualities.
  • A lawyer specializing in criminal law. This choice is optimal, since a general lawyer in any case has less experience than a narrow specialist. When choosing such a specialist, it makes sense to rely on customer reviews and your own impression. A defender should at least be able to speak correctly, since he will have to convince everyone present of your innocence in court.


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