What is Employee Advocacy?

Employees are the biggest promotional assets of every company. They are the ones that represent the company and its values to their friends and families. And their friends and families can become the clients of the company. Also, when the employees are popular, the company is popular. This is the concept of employee advocacy. Companies and businesses have started using their employees as their promotional tools a couple of years back. Now, with the buzz of social media and blogging or microblogging, employee advocacy is more and more simple.

Here are 4 reasons why employee advocacy is important for your company.

  1. Create a positive exposure about your company

An employee who loves his/her workplace and applauds his job can create a lot of positive awareness in the minds of others surrounding him. A good word of an employee’s mouth amounts a lot for the employers and the company as a whole.

  1. Employees represent the firm

If your employers are good at what they do and people like them, then they are the ones representing the entire firm. If your employees are good, your firm is good. For example, the best lawyer in Dubai represents his entire firm. People would consult his firm for more financial advice as in the mind of the people that firm is the best in Dubai. This is how you can get the people to trust your firm- by getting them to trust the employees.

  1. Employees harbor the best interests of the firm

Employees want the company or firm they work in to succeed. For that, they work hard and try to get in as much customers and clients they can manage. Hence, the company doesn’t need to hire anyone else just to get new clients. Also, after getting the clients, it is the company’s job to retain them to gain maximum profits for the company. Hence, employees work with the best interest of the firm in their mind.

  1. Employees are the spokesperson for the company

When people are in doubt about the firm and need advice, they go to the employee who they know work in the firm. They ask them for their suggestions and explanations. Hence, for the general public, the employees are the spokesperson for the firm. Continuing with the previous example, the best lawyer of Dubai will now only get praises about him/her, but will also sing praises about his/her firm. This way, the firm gets the attention of the public and is easily promoted among the general crowd.

These are the four reasons why employee advocacy is important for every company. To promote employee advocacy, you need to keep the employees happy and satisfied, so that they don’t bad mouth your firm to the public. You need to give them regular incentives and bonuses for bringing more and more clients to the company. Many companies also work on the basis of commission, in which they give a certain amount to every employee for every client he/she brings in.

Apply these certain steps and increase the employee advocacy for your company to yield better results!

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