Accidents are unpredictable and spontaneous, either they are physical or economical, accidents can occur anytime, anywhere, with anyone without any warning. Suppose you are going back from work driving in a car and suddenly you meet with an accident which was not by your fault, you get injured severely. The primary question that might come in your mind is who will pay for the hospital bills and the damage? Will you get the proper amount of compensation from your insurance company? 

You cannot take these matters in your hands and solve them on your own as these types of legal issues require a skilled person who knows the law and its rules.

What does personal injury mean?

The injury that takes place in the physiological, psychological, or economical way by the negligence or irresponsibility of the wrongdoer, such damage comes under the term “personal injury.”

Difference between Personal Injury and Personal Liability 

Most of the people get confused between the terms of personal injury and personal liability. Here is a little explanation that may help you differentiate between Personal Injury and Personal Liability.

  • Personal Liability:

Personal Liability mainly serves coverage for the physical bodily injury, property damage suffered by the other individual for which you are responsible legally. You can take an example of someone tripping at your steps and getting injured, and then such injury comes under personal liability.

  • Personal Injury:

It involves investigation for non-bodily and non-physical injury or property damage. Personal injury covers false imprisonment, privacy invasion, wrongful eviction, slander, malicious prosecution, detention, or false arrest. Seattle Personal Injury Attorney works for the public and protects them from the consequences of personal injuries.

Who is a Personal Injury attorney?

There are numerous types of attorneys based on the type of legal field. Some of them are Seattle personal injury attorney, bankruptcy attorney, tax attorney, divorce attorney, Car Accident Attorney Seattle, and many more.

A personal injury attorney deals with all the mind, body and emotional damage or injury caused to you by the culprit or wrongdoer and protects the clients from the threats, dangers, and frauds from the wrongdoer and insurer.

What does a personal injury lawyer do?

The Personal Injury attorney handles all the ramifications of any type of personal injury either physical, mental, or economical, and the personal injury attorney has them all covered. Car accident attorney Seattle makes sure that you get the proper and fair recovery compensation from the insurance company and culprit. 

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