DUI is a short term for “driving under the influence.” Whereas DWI is for “driving while intoxicated,” or can be said as “driving while impaired.” Both these terms have different meanings or can mean to the same offense or crime, which entirely depends on the state you belong to or the state you have been accused of. 

For any of the mentioned case, DUI and DWI both refer that the driver is being accused with the offense that compromised the health or safety of the driver or in some cases others as well. This cases may or may not apply not only to alcohol and other similar group drugs but to also driving when the drugs you have been prescribed affect your usual abilities as mentioned by DWI-DUI attorney in Houston. 

It is essential to understand that either or both of these can be regarded as a serious criminal offense, and only a competent and experienced Criminal Defense Attorney Houston can help you. 

Use of Terms DUI vs. DWI Differ From State to State

Every state has its law, and depending upon them; the two terms are both used to describe impaired or drunken driving. Some state laws indicate the offense of drinking and driving as a DUI while some other states call it a DWI.

It gets complicated when some states use both these terms. Pretty often, they will refer one of these terms to be alcohol, and the other term to be influenced by drugs or any other unknown substance and the meaning can vary from various state to state. 

To certain DWI-DUI attorney in Houston DWI means to drive while intoxicated of alcohol with the alcohol content in the blood is over the legal or prescribed limit, while DUI is referred to when the driver is accused of being under the influence of stuff like alcohol or drugs.

By some criminal defense attorney in Houston or in other states where both terms are extensively used, DWI refers to driving while intoxicated (by items like drugs, alcohol, or some unknown substance), and DUI indicates driving under excessive drinking of alcohol. It’s advised to be cautious with the definitions of these terms in respect of the state you’re in.

You should be protecting both your health and safety and also that of others by never indulging in drinking and driving. There’s a high probable chance that you will be caught with your alcohol content above the prescribed limit and then you might need the help of a DWI-DUI Attorney Houston.

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