All of us are covered by disability insurance while working. However, the terms and conditions in the insurance policies are usually written in legal language, which is very difficult to understand by many of us, who are not involved in legal profession. In many cases, people are denied their short term or long-term benefits due to some reasons which may be beyond your understanding.

In such circumstances, it is natural that as an affected person, you may be frustrated. However, most of the insurance companies provide an option to appeal against their decision and hence in such case hiring a personal injury lawyers makes some sense.

Following are few good reasons that you should hire any lawyer to represent your case so that he can provide you necessary disability benefits that you really deserve.

  • You can learn from the lawyer about the terms and conditions of the insurer in simple understandable language, and also know whether the denial of insurance company is really justified or not.
  • Lawyer can also let you know your legal position and about your rights and whether you can contest against the decision of the insurer.
  • Lawyer will help you to take decision whether you should go to court against the insurance company right way to compensate for your short term disability in order to get some relief.
  • Lawyers will not ask for any upfront payments until you get paid for your loss.

Whether your claim is entertained or not, you must know about your following rights

  • You have to continue taking treatment from doctors for your injuries irrespective of denial from the insurance company.
  • You must inform your doctor if your condition has changed.
  • You must inform your lawyer if you are taking any new kind of treatment after diagnosis of your problem.
  • You must continue to take treatment as per the direction of the doctor.
  • Your insurance company may ask you to see any doctor appointed by them to check your condition.

In any case your lawyer will keep you informed about the status of your case and provide you necessary advice.

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