Every occupation has its fair share of hazards, but sailors carry a higher personal risk than most workers. Ordinary workers’ compensation laws don’t cover sailors in Houston, TX. Luckily, Jones Act attorney Houston provides solutions for sailors under the legal ecosystem.

What is Jones Act?

The Merchant Marine Act of 1920 instituted the Jones Act to govern the rights of seamen working in U.S. ships. Under the Jones Act, seamen injured at work have the right to establish lawsuits against employers if and when they suffer personal bodily injuries.

Maritime Law and Jones Act are two separate practices. Maritime law also referred to admiralty law is the general law area that covers most incidents of failure to observe maritime regulations. Jones Act is therefore just one branch of Maritime Law.

What does it give sailors?

Jones Act seeks to compensate any seaman who suffers injury from the negligence of another party while working in a transportation vessel on navigable sea waters. It covers all workers in the vessel including kitchen staff, maritime officials, janitors and deckhands among others.

If you spend more than 30% of your time working on the vessel at sea, you qualify for Jones Act coverage. Attorneys can help you determine if you are considered a seaman, in case you have doubts.

How is it beneficial to sailors?

If you suffer any personal injury as a result of your company’s negligence, you are covered. For instance, if you fall on a floor that did not bear appropriate signage or warning, you should be compensated. Have you suffered injuries after a third-party inspection failed to identify and mark off some failure with equipment or tools? Jones Act has you covered.

What compensation do I get?

Compensation under Jones Act includes damages for medical costs, loss of normal life, lost income, pain, suffering and medical bills. It covers you and your family according to the actual damages suffered.

Why do I need an attorney?

You need legal representation from a seasoned Jones Act Attorney in Houston to help you seek comprehensive compensation. Only an experienced maritime attorney can competently investigate the communication, human error, lack of appropriate warning and a myriad of other dynamics leading to your injuries.

If you come across significant hazards while at sea, talk to a reputable maritime law firm and obtain the compensation that you deserve. Arguments need to be presented by an experienced maritime lawyer. Let the lawyer prove that injuries suffered were entirely the ignorance of a third party, and then acquire full compensation. Jones Act should be your new best friend.

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