The need for immigration attorney’s legal advice depends solely on the reason for your visit and your background. If you just want to visit any of the foreign countries, then you can simply contact the visa consulate and embassy to get everything done. But if you are going for a job offer, then you don’t need to panic as your employer will handle all things on his own.

However, there are some cases where you may face difficulties in bringing your family member or you are facing some issues regarding your green card, that’s where you should contact some immigration attorney. Moreover, if you are not getting an appropriate solution to your problems from the bureau of citizenship, it is better to take help from the consultants like Boston immigration attorney to get through the dilemma. Well, if you fear something suspicious in your background that may result in becoming an obstacle and may prohibit you from getting your green card, then it is highly recommended to get professional help from an attorney.

You should definitely seek legal advice in any of the following conditions-

  •         If you have been convicted of any crime: Almost all the forms ask for your crime background and it is better for you to avoid any kind of misrepresentation as you will be fingerprinted for your immigration.
  •         If you have done the whole process on your own and get stuck at some point: This immigration process is highly complicated and can cause unnecessary delays if you try to do it on your own even after facing some issues. In this case, it is better to contact an attorney.
  •         If you have to wait for a long time even after filing it-In such cases, most of the immigration attorneys have personal contacts with the citizenship and immigration services that can get timely information regarding the status of your application.
  •         If you have already been deported once- If you have been deported once from some foreign country, then this will result in bars to your visit or immigration. But not all deports lead to permanent bars to get immigrated. Well, you can consult with an efficient immigration attorney regarding such a situation.
  •         If you are obtaining a visa or green card for an employment offer, but you have to do the whole process on your own rather than getting support from your employer- The whole process of immigration ingetting a permanent residence or a green card in case of a job offer is quite difficult. And if you don’t get any professional help or legal advice, then you may face some kind of issues or delays regarding your visa.
  •         If your prior applications have been denied- In this case, the whole problem and the filing details should be discussed with the attorney so that the attorney can figure out the issue and resolve it quickly.

Contact a skilled attorney in order to meet your immigration goals.

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