Car accidents that involve commercial trucks such as tractor-trailers, commercial delivery trucks, and semi-trucks are on the rise in most parts of the United States. What is even more devastating is the fact that the number of deaths caused by these accidents. Those who survive are left with server injuries and permanent disabilities that they have to deal with for the rest of their lives. If you or a loved have been involved in a crash involving a truck, the best thing you can do is to contact a Houston 18 wheeler accident lawyer who will help you get your rightful compensation.

So what are some of the common causes of truck accidents?

Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is reportedly the leading cause of truck accidents in Houston. Most of the truck drivers tend to put a lot of physical limits on themselves as they try to beat stringent deadlines. Although several regulations that limit the number of hours a truck driver can drive have been put in place, only a few of them adhere to the rules. Most drivers who exceed the recommended limits tend to drive while tired and fatigued leading to road accidents.

Poor/Improper Truck Maintenance

The trucking company is supposed to ensure that all of its trucks are well-maintained and serviced regularly to avoid accidents. All the maintenance checks performed on every truck must be well-documented and maintained by the truck company. However, only a few companies schedule routine check-up and maintenance of their fleet. If an accident occurs and it is established that the crash was due to a poorly maintained truck, then a Houston 18 wheeler accident lawyer can hold the trucking company responsible for the crash.

Equipment Failure

Poor fleet management isn’t the only thing that can cause a truck’s equipment to fail at the most critical moments. Sometimes, equipment manufacturers tend to be guilty of negligence during the parts production process. This negligence may lead to defective and dangerous truck parts, and when these parts are installed on the truck, it may lead to a fatal accident. Parties that may be held responsible for a defective part that has led to a crash include; the part manufacturer, trucking company, truck manufacturer, and the mechanics who recommended the part.

Distracted Driving

It is true that truck drivers spend a lot of time on the road driving through remote areas which can make the driver succumb to the urge to multitask while driving. Even when there is minimal traffic on the road, a truck driver is supposed to remain focused on the road to avoid accidents. Any form of distracted driving can be dangerous, and it should be avoided at all costs. One of the most common causes of distracted driving is operating a mobile phone while driving. Talking, texting or even trying to enter directions in the GPS system is enough to cause a fatal accident.

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