A lot of people find themselves in the middle of disputes that affect how they relate to their kids. Usually unplanned for and not very understood because it’s the first time and you’ve just had a divorce but it’s important that you know what and what not to do. There are certain activities you definitely need to refrain from in order to establish a healthy relationship and prevent harmful consequences of your case. Some of the common issues that arise are highlighted below that could warrant your parenting partner or his attorney to file against you if you’re found practicing them. Generally, you’re not supposed to be found doing them. That is why I always recommend you get a lawyer like a child custody lawyer Andrew Heft for the right guidance you need.

  • Speaking ill of the other parent

Ensure you do not, as much as you can, say bad stuff about him or her or the other party’s family especially not in the presence of your child. If the other parent has been making bad remarks about you in the hearing of your child, it is only wise not to return the favor. This practice doesn’t help in any way, it hurts your child, could tear his feelings apart as well as your custody case.

  • Keep casual dates from your child

If it’s not very serious, then it is important that your child doesn’t meet them to prevent unnecessary and redundant filings to your case. It is, however, healthy if you’re dating the person for a long time and you know it.

  • Families should not stay

Do not permit visitors who are not related to your family by blood to stay overnight or for a long time and your child is aware of it.

  • No Alcohol

Try as much as you can not to take excess alcohol in the presence of your child. You shouldn’t get drunk in his presence. Illegal substances like drugs should not be found in your possession when your child is staying with you.

  • Consult the other parent when taking big steps

Never forget that the child belongs to you both and always consult the other parent before making important decisions that concern the child. Schooling, decisions on where he lives, religion and health-related issues are examples.

  • Always allow your child to visit the other parent if he wants except in situations of abuse.
  • Be careful not to make postings on social media that can be used against you.
  • If the judge has passed a law that you don’t like, do not let the judge know of your disagreement and do not discuss it with your family or friends.
  • Do not talk about your child custody case with minors even with your child, give excuses like it is for the parents to worry about.
  • Always visit your child as planned. Do not abruptly cancel schedules.
  • Taking heed of these will put you on a better ground, in better standings with your case. Discuss every issue with your attorney first to ensure you’re doing the right thing.

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