Now if you happen to be in need of a bail bondsman then you need to make sure that you find a bail bonds company that will provide you with fast easy and reliable service, something that won’t have the hassles of getting complicated for no apparent reason. After all, being in jail is probably bad enough, now the company you choose can’t be a company that is going to be over charging you for the services provided because there are a lot of greedy companies out there it’s also worth to note that a company which has twenty four hour service is also preferable especially in this line of work, the company needs to be prepared and know that time is of the essence, no one wants to spend more time in jail than is necessary. So remember if you find yourself under arrest for charges such as misdemeanors, possession, assault, traffic tickets, DWI, a felony, DUI, or domestic violence, don’t forget to call for bail bonds in Houston Tx.

Now getting your bail bonds is a very easy process and as long as you have the information ready it doesn’t take much time at all. All that you need to do is call your local trusted Bonds agency and contact your bail bonds agent, the things that you will need ready to offer up to your bail bonds agent are the full name of the person in jail, the location and full name of the jail that the person is being held in, remember to also ask for and have the booking number for the person being held in jail, and lastly it is important to also know the charges that the person in question is being held for. Know that depending on the agency and how close you are to the jail and how close the bail bonds agent is to the jail some bailbondsmen will meet you at the jail to post bail and some can go as far as meeting you at your home to help you figure out what you need and need to do about posting bail. When it comes to payment you don’t need to worry about it with modern technologies as they are today all payments can be handled electronically or over the phone if need be and the bail bonds agent will usually charge you somewhere between ten to fifteen percent of the total amount of the bail being posted of course that is entirely dependent on where the arrest was made under what circumstances and of course when it was made. Agents will try to guarantee that you won’t be walking away with their money with no intent of paying it back so at times they will ask you to sign over collateral to guarantee you will not be skipping out on their fees or court dates, things such as property, like a house, jewelry, a car, various other art pieces and installations are welcome as well. The agent will then post bail when and only when the premium has been paid and the collateral has been signed over to them and it is at this point that the defendant will be released from jail. This process is not very difficult but it is dependent on how crowded the jail may be and can take up to several hours before you or your loved ones are released in signing the bond you agree to show up to all your court dates and also to any conditions that your agent may have set for you. Now don’t try to skip out on the court dates or the bail bondsman will have to pay the bail amount in full and he will have to come after you to bring you back to jail, and you can lose what you signed over with the bond if you don’t pay back the money you owe. So as a rule of thumb I say do as your judge tells you and follow the rules your bondsman puts for you.

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