An employment lawyer could be hired by an employer or an employee. The lawyers in this category at Liebman Legal are experienced in disputes between the two and have in-depth knowledge of the employment laws of the country. The disputes arise when the laws are broken by either of the parties, intentionally or unintentionally, and the other party is affected. The situations that indicate your need for hiring an employment lawyer are listed below:


  • You Have Started Up A Business and Are Hiring


This is from the perspective of an employer. Even if you have an HR manager to handle your requirements, you will need more details about the employment laws, the drawing of the employee contract and following the right procedures in the induction process. This is important to prevent any unintentional breach of law and to present your case in case there is one.


  • You Are Cutting Down on Your Labor Requirements and Laying Off Some Employees


If you are making changes to your workforce it is important that you remain with the legal boundaries of your rights as an employer and follow the correct procedures for terminating the services of an employee. This is where the employment lawyer will be able to guide you and once again, prevent you from breaking any laws.


  • When You, As an Employee, Do Not Get Your Rightful Dues or Settlement


When an employment contract is terminated and the employee is not sure if the correct procedure has been followed and the rightful dues have been paid, he should consult an employment lawyer to verify his doubts and fight for his right if he has been wronged. 

Even when you are still an employee and you feel that your rightful dues are not being paid to you, you can file a case against your employer with the help of an employment lawyer


  • When You Have Been A Victim at Work


The victimization could be related to sexual harassment or even discrimination. If you feel that you have been subjected to it and have not been able to resolve it internally, you should approach a lawyer and fight for your right.

Whether employer or employee, if there is a dispute both sides will need to hire an attorney who is experienced and has extensive knowledge of the employment laws in the country and it is always better to go for a specialist.


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