Two federal government departments enforce the immigration policies in play. These are the IRCC or Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada and the CBSA or Canada Border Services Agency. Without the consent of these two divisions, you will not be allowed to enter the country. It is understandable, as the world is seeing a leviathan-like increase in insurgency and acts of terrorism. Enforcement measures are necessary to prevent any possible threat to the citizens and national security. Norms may apply to people who are not natives of the nation or have breached the immigration law in any way.

Laws to keep in mind

There are several things to keep in mind while immigrating. If it is a business related visit, you may enter the country and participate in overseas business activities without a work permit. Activities may include meetings, conferences, seminars, etc. All you will need to do is present a notice of purpose at the Port of Entry. As a student, the possibility of attaining citizenship is more accessible. Many immigrants become eligible for a post-education work permit which also becomes your base for future applications for residence. Skilled quality and family reunification can also aid you in becoming a citizen.

If you need to consult

Suppose the court negates your visa offer. In such a situation it becomes a necessity for you to contact one of the best immigration lawyers from Mississauga. You are guaranteed to receive help if you are willing to appeal to the immigration or refugee board. The federal court is also open to you as you will find experienced and seasoned immigration attorneys willing to listen to your case and solve them with patience and dedication. Remember, immigration is a tricky procedure. Without extensive information about the laws, you may never gain entry into the country if there are any discrepancies. Do not hesitate to consult a lawyer.

Additional information

Passing through customs is not the end of immigration procedures. Once you arrive, try and apply for a Health Card, a Social Insurance Number and a bank account. Immigration attorney firms ensure that you have all the resources you will need to settle properly. Other services that you can receive include free immigration assessments, handling of legal and administrative aspects to your application, guidance on specific categories and providing support teams on visa officers, certified accountants, and business consultants.

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