Immigration was and always be one of the most hotly debated topics of Phoenix. When the discussion extends to extreme zone and gets serious it becomes difficult to separate fact from fiction. Especially, when virtually someone posts a quick opinion on the internet without understanding the facts and this is the point where irrelevant story build up. Unfortunately, some of the misinformation regarding immigration may make some people feel hesitant to move forward with their dreams of coming to the United States. You will not become a victim of ‘misconceptions’ below are few myths disclosed by experienced immigration lawyer Phoenix AZ spreading false information about immigration concept having no relevance with ‘true’ facts.

Myth #1. Most immigrants are here illegally

With so much controversy around the immigrant issues who are undocumented, it’s easy to overlook the fact that most of the foreign-born people follow the rules and guidelines of the United States. Those who are disciplined only have the permission to live here like a local. There is a big chunk of people who were living in the country by birth and on this basis, we give them a tag of ‘residents’ and are naturalized citizen.  This is the mindset of people but they forget the proportion of people (immigrants) who were unauthorized they hold the eligible visas and entered legally. So there is no chance to count on them they are green card holders.

Myth #2. Immigrants bring crime and violence

People usually relate the existence of immigrants with killers, rapist or some terrorist. This is true and very judgmental often. However, despite judging them on their way of talk, nature, and immigration status they hold, we connect them to their ‘immigrant’ tag and put them in the limelight of a criminal spot. Just because of their mentality the whole family of immigrants sometimes has to bear its consequences in society. Thanks to the family immigration lawyer who shows the right path to immigrants and make them feel comfortable legally.

Myth #3 Immigrants stealing jobs from its residents

Though people claim such stuff it is not the real story because their presence didn’t leave any negative impact on the financial stability of the economy. In fact, they create more job opportunities for residents including immigrants. In addition to buying products and services, which help create jobs, immigrants often start their own businesses.

Myth #4. Immigrants are here for grabbing welfare and other benefits

Most immigrants have come to this country work hard to take responsibility for their family. On an average, it has been observed that on a whole immigrant pay more in taxes than receive in benefits. This actually happens when we point out something without knowing anything about it.

Myth #5 Immigrants invite diseases

Although people have regularly put the blame of diseases like measles, hepatitis, HIV, tuberculosis, Ebola and many more to the immigrants without having any proof. This is their thinking and whatever wrong or miserable happens to the country, for them it is undocumented immigrants- the root cause of every problem running to the country and its economy.

For those who wish to move to and work in the Phoenix, it can be difficult to hear ongoing myths cycling through the internet and news feeds. Understanding the reality of immigration may make some feel better about their future prospects and it will be much better if you can consult the family based immigration attorney to know the immigration more in details. For many people, immigrating to the Phoenix opens the doors to new and valuable opportunities. Go for it because there is nothing to worry till Cimalaw group like dedicated immigration attorney is there for such problems.

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