Uber changed the way people think and use transportation industry when they released ride-sharing application back in 2009. This particular app is available for both iOS and Android devices and it has the possibility to connect riders with nearby drivers who provide rides in their late-model vehicles. Riders pay services through their credit card and bank account, without any tips. This is a much cheaper alternative to taxi fares.

There are eight million users that consume this particular service. We decided to present you why is Uber the best way for ride sharing opportunities:

  • Fast Trips anywhere and anytime

Many people think that taxi companies are not doing their jobs efficient and quick enough, and that is why people choose Uber. When companies blame taxi drivers for all mistakes in transportation and picking up, the taxi drivers in the same time blame about low fares for short distance trips, and that creates a cycle that makes Taxi undesired.

In capital cities, you just have to download and install Uber account and in a matter of minutes, you will be able to see which driver is the closest to you. It takes three minutes approximately to find the driver for a ride. On the other hand, you have the possibility to share the ride with someone, which means that your fare will be cheaper. As result, Uber customers are happier than choosing a taxi or other transportation method.

  • Safety

Many riders choose Uber because of safety regulations and reasons. This particular company had some serious accidents in the past, where drivers attacked riders. That was the main reason why they changed their policies and now it is mandatory for all drivers to submit their vehicle to a background check.

The company also runs background check in the past seven years and also motor record and National Sex Offenders Database. In case of an accident, you should contact Uber accident lawyer for additional information.

  • Post-Party Rides

Sometimes it is difficult to persuade a taxi driver to pick up someone who is drunk, especially in obscure parts of town in the late hours.

Uber driver’s work 24/7 and you can usually find people that are driving near you even if you are drunk at night. Of course, it is always risky to pick up drunken rider, but Uber drivers have access to a panic button, that contains police in case of emergency.

  • You don’t have to buy your own vehicle

In these hard times, it is very difficult to find the money in order to buy the new car. Uber is great because it is cheaper than other public transportation methods and you will be able to access a different range of transportation methods in order to save money.

These savings are for people who are not in need for a car, but they need an occasional ride once or twice a week.


At the very end, we have to mention that Uber is gradually expanding and we can expect it in more cities. We can only hope that they will keep up with their regulations and terms so that we could enjoy cheap rides all over the world.