Vancouver, BC, is one of the top destinations in Canada for both tourists and residents. The city is adorned with the country’s warmest weather and experiencing mild winters too. Also, Vancouver is loaded with natural beauty and is nestled amidst the Pacific Coast and the North Shore Mountains. Planning to immigrate to Vancouver, BC? Here are the ways you can consider as suggested by Get in Canada.

  1. Express Entry – Federal Skilled Worker or FSW

This is one of the most famous ways for skilled workers to get the immigration. The eligible candidates have their applications processed and analyzed in 4 months or sometimes even for less and the eligible candidates can become Canadian permanent residents by giving them the right to live and work at any place in the country. The FSW or Federal Skilled Worker is a program which is included in the Express Entry system. FSW is famous as it doesn’t need candidates to bear any past work experience or education in Canada. No matter from what place you belong to, anyone can apply for it. FSW is deemed a competitive program. The qualified candidates are ranked against each other with points on the basis CRS score or Comprehensive Ranking System. The candidates score points on the basis of their age, education, vocabulary, work experience and other relevant factors. The candidates with the highest scores are eligible for submitting the official applications for permanent residency in Canada. If you are a highly educated candidate with a superb proficiency in English or French, FSW is an amazing chance to get you immigrated to Canada.

  1. Studying in BC

If Express Entry isn’t your thing, you can still have a permanent immigration to Vancouver. Apart from accomplishing the post secondary program in BC, it can also deem you qualified for British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program or BC PNP. Many international students go for PGWP or Post Graduation Work Permit for staying in Canada to work up to 3 years. Vancouver also hosts many world class educational institutions.

  1. The British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program or BC PNP

This program is a collection of immigration streams that let BC nominate foreign workers to become permanent residents in Canada. The two main categories for BC PNP is one for the workers with skills required by the province and another is for the entrepreneurs who hold expertise and finances for building a business in province.

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