Divorce is becoming a fashion in the new generation. They find divorce as a better solution rather than solving the problems. The couple, who do not have child, don’t have struggle a lot but the couples who have children, they have to face a lot even after the divorce and one of the major issues is child custody. As child custody is a sensitive issue then it is important to know something about the divorce law and child custody.

Define child custody:

Custody is the capability of making the decisions for the present and future of the children. It complies that that will take care of the child, who will look after the child, who will bear the expenses of the child and many other things. Only one person out of the couple takes care of the child and that parent is known as custodial parent. The custodial parent is someone who bears most of the expenses of the child and is involved in taking the important decisions of the child. Although the custodial parent can have the advice from the other parent but the final decision will be taken by the custodial parent.

How can you get the custody of your child after divorce?

If any couple does not have child then they can easily apply for the divorce. In such cases, there is no absolute need of the divorce lawyer as well and if the couple wants to get divorced by mutual understanding then they can directly apply for the divorce but if you have child then you should put your every step carefully. You should hire a divorce lawyer for you. The divorce lawyer is someone who practices the divorce law. You don’t need to go to the courts for finding the right divorce lawyer. Thanks to the internet, you can find the best divorce lawyer on the internet only. The best lawyer is someone who doesn’t only work for money but he/she actually work for the benefit of the child. In short, if you are having a child and you want to get divorced then do not forget to hire the divorce lawyer.

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