As per the name court reporter service people seem like they only work in the court, but the fact is that they are found in other places as well. The reason is that court reporters are an educated person and they are trained to record audio and transcribe verbatim. They are in demand in various settings and for a lot of requirements.

Court reporters are professionals who are licensed or certified for recording proceedings by using stenotype machines. Court reporters are capable of capturing the words spoken in phonetic codes on stenotype machines, where every line character’s line represents a syllable or character. From those stenotype machines, the court reporter translates those codes in written text and produce the final draft.

In real time, the stenotype machines are connected to computers that translates the codes written phonetically and then display them on the screen.

In some cases, the court reporters use a mask instead of stenotype machines, and the reporters do voice writing. When the court reporter speaks on the device, it is transcribed by the computer automatically. That report is then checked again by the court reporter after the end of the proceeding.

What expertise should court reporters have?

In general, court reporters should have the following expertise:

  • Shorthand speed of about 225 wpm
  • Should be skilled in writing real-time and transcribing with the aid of a computer
  • Should be excellent in English grammar, punctuation, and spelling
  • Should have a good understanding of legal and/or medical terminologies
  • Interpersonal communication should be excellent
  • Appreciate as well as understand the ethics of business and legal
  • Has to have the professionalism of high standard

What is official court reporting?

This is the term given to the persons who report the judicial reporting, and they are involved in stenography in the court or legal setting.

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