Divorce generally conjures up a picture of messy hair, tears and lots of shouting of the lawyers and clients combined. If you find yourself in a conflict divorce situation, it becomes mandatory for you to learn the rules of the fight before taking the plunge and visiting high conflict Divorce lawyer.

If one of the people in the relation is abusive, narcissistic or even down right unsuitable to sit across a table and have an amicable conversation with its time you come up with a plan. The first being making a schedule for parenting and communication between your ex spouse if children are involved. It’s their fragile mental and emotional state that one has to cater first. Once you have made up your plan, here are some pointers to make an effective plan to cope with your abusive ex spouse befor visiting military divorce lawyer

  • Keep your personal space and life out of the conversation since you do not have to oblige the other party with the happenings of the day.
  • Keep you off the social media scanner. This will help you create a bubble to overcome the emotional grief.
  • Any kind of harassment from the other side- be it threatening messages or emails or even any kind of physical abuse should be shared openly with your lawyer so that he can gauge the situation he’s in.
  • Keep people close to you and your partner in the loop. This will help them understand the pressure situation that you’re under. Also this will minimise the effect of rumours that spread through the grapevine of gossip and talk.
  • Going into some kind of therapy, both physical and emotional will help you heal and handle the stress better. Talking to someone will ease the anxiety.

These few pointers may help you come out of a high conflict divorce with some ease and peace of mind.


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