Have you ever fallen in a public place and wondered that it wasn’t your fault? Is there an iota of doubt in your mind… when it comes down to the sudden slip that sometimes takes you by surprise? Was the floor too slippery? Were there no warning signs? Were you too busy on the phone which walking that you lost your balance? If all the tick boxes are getting the green signal… it’s time you hire a slip and fall attorney, tampa.

Okay so once you have determined that you have to hire an attorney it’s time to get into how to go about it. Listed below is a tick box checklist to make you make an informed decision

First and foremost you have to find out if the person or the owner of the property knew about the dangers of stepping onto his property without proper instructions. If you have pinned the owners for lack of information then you can file suit with the help of insurance attorney tampa .

If the accident or the uncomfortable situation was caused by the person on the premises or the owner himself. Maybe a member of the premises caused the hazard to happen. Then they are liable to take to be given a legal notice.

Another case can be if the property owner was aware of the situation and has failed to inform you verbally or in writing of a warning sign.

If the above mentioned cases have occurred and that has caused an accident where you find yourself the pained party, then make no mistake the owner of the place can be take. To task over this mishap with the help of a slip and fall attorney. If you ever find yourself in a situation wherein you have had an accident and the owner fails to react with even a call or a message then feel free to reach your legal team for action against the owners.

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