Getting arrested can be a terrifying experience, though it is often only the start of a long and stressful road through the criminal justice system. Many people wonder whether it is worth it to hire a criminal defense lawyer, especially if they know they are guilty. The answer, however, is always YES, you need an experienced Denton criminal defense lawyer handling your case. Below are only a few of the many reasons why. 

They Know How the System Works

Criminal procedure is intricate and confusing. Most people do not know how to best argue for a lower bond or understand the differences between a pre-trial hearing, grand jury proceeding, and a trial. At each court appearance, there will be different requirements and objectives, and you want someone with you who knows exactly what is going on. Any errors during the process can only result in harsher penalties, and these mishaps are common among unrepresented defendants. 

They Know the Prosecutors

Prosecutors have the authority to offer plea agreements and other alternatives, such as Drug Court, or First Offender Program, but they typically do not make such offers to defendants without attorneys. Instead, your defense lawyer will have experience regarding how prosecutors in your area work and the best ways to negotiate a favorable outcome with them. In many cases, criminal defense lawyers start out as prosecutors, which gives them particularly valuable insight. 

They Can Use Police Misconduct to Your Advantage

You might know that a police officer searched your car after you refused consent or failed to read you the Miranda warning, but how does it help your criminal case? When officers violate your constitutional rights, the law renders all evidence obtained from the unlawful conduct inadmissible against you. However, this evidence does not simply disappear automatically. 

Instead, you must file a motion with the criminal court, supported by the law, requesting the judge to suppress any unlawfully-obtained evidence. This is certainly the job for an experienced criminal defense lawyer who has drafted many similar motions in their career. Often, getting evidence thrown out can result in your case being dismissed. 

They Know How to Minimize Penalties

Even if you are guilty, you do not simply have to accept the maximum penalties allowed under the law. Prosecutors can recommend lesser sentences, reduce or drop charges, and more as part of a plea bargain. Judges also have wide discretion when it comes to sentencing following a guilty plea or jury verdict, so you want your attorney there to argue for the most lenient sentence possible. 

Do Not Wait to Consult with a Denton, TX, Criminal Defense Lawyer

A criminal defense attorney can protect your future and, in most cases, save you money in the long run. You can consult with an attorney right after you get arrested – in fact, it is recommended that you have legal representation right away. The Law Office of Brent Bowen, PLLC, is ready to help defendants in Denton, so please call 940-222-2488 or contact us online today. 

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