Not all criminal proceedings would end up with a conviction. Defendants would have the opportunity to appeal the case within thirty days when served a guilty verdict unjustly. The Court Appeals Attorneys Fort Lauderdale would assist defendants in using their right to appeal cases where something went wrong in criminal proceedings.

Defendants would be required to file an appeal within thirty days when served a guilty verdict unjustly. The Litigation Attorneys Fort Lauderdale could assist the defendant fight against the guilty verdict before the stipulated time limit lapses to file the motion. You might think the criminal process ends when the judge strikes the mallet if you were convicted of a crime. It would be worth mentioning here that state laws give defendants the right to appeal if your defense attorney could prove beyond a reasonable doubt that something had gone wrong in a criminal process.

What Is An Appeal?

The appeal is a formal request for changing the court’s decision, usually where the court has given the verdict of guilt. In the event, the evidence presented against you during the trial has been found inadequate or the opinion of the juror has been influenced unfairly to provide a guilty verdict against you, rest assured you have the right to appeal.

The Court Appeals Attorneys Fort Lauderdale would uncover new evidence for proving your innocence. The defendant would also file an appeal in a court of law. Moreover, if the defendant has been convicted of a misdemeanor, several state laws might enable you to be released on bail pending appeal. However, your Litigation Attorneys Fort Lauderdale should be competent to handle all kinds of attractions in the region. They should be experienced in providing your specific requirements using their expertise in the legal arena. However, if you were convicted of serious offenses, or your punishment has been equal to or exceeds ten years, you might not be able to enjoy the privileges of bail.

What Rules Do You Follow For Filing An Appeal?

The appellate procedures require the Court Appeals Attorneys Fort Lauderdale to make a formal request thirty days after sentencing. Therefore, it would be pertinent to adhere to the time stipulations when filing an appeal against a judgment or to file a new case motion. Consider hiring qualified and experienced Litigations Attorneys Fort Lauderdale at the earliest if the defendant contemplates filing a request.

If you have filed an appeal after the stipulated time, the defendant might lose their right to appeal. It would be pertinent to mention that the defense lawyer should be given adequate time to prepare the request.

How To Seek A Favorable Outcome

During the appellate process, the Court Appeals Attorneys Fort Lauderdale would have their work cut down for them. If you have been served a guilty verdict unjustly, your skilled Litigation Attorneys Fort Lauderdale will fight to appeal the conviction. It would be yet another way to seek a possible favorable outcome.

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