Many times a happy family has to bear the brunt of time. Sometime irreconcilable issues arise in marriages and sometimes the parents fight to get the custody of their children. In any case, pertaining to family issues, the family lawyers in Sydney come forward to help their clients.

There are many famous family lawyers in Sydney, who work to seek justice for their clients.

Here are the kinds of cases thatfamily lawyers in Sydney handle:

  • Marriage Dissolution

Couples who wish to end their marriage can knock the doors of a family lawyer. These kinds of cases are handled by family courts.

Marriages can be dissolved by divorce or by annulment cases. In both the cases, the person has to visit a family lawyer to seek help.

 The family lawyers in Sydney make sure that their client gets what he or she wants.

  • Paternity and Child Custody

When the parents seek separation, their children suffer a lot. In these cases, the family courts step in and take every measure to secure the future of the child.

According to Leading Lawyers, talking about the parents seeking separation, they can ask the family court to seek the legal custody of the child. The court issues the order regarding legal custody, physical custody, child support, and visitation schedules.

In the cases where the man requires to be announced the father of the child, both the parents can knock the doors of the family court to decide the paternity.

Unmarried couples can also seek the help of family lawyers to acquire legal custody of a child.

  • Guardianship

The family lawyers in Sydney also handle the cases pertaining to guardianship. These kinds of cases encompass taking a decision regarding guardianship of a child as well as an adult who could not take care of himself.

  • Domestic Violence

The victims of domestic violence can also seek the help of the family lawyers in Sydney. The family lawyers help their clients to get protection against the abusive partner.

  • Termination of Parental Rights and Adoptions

Many times abandonment, abuse as well as neglect hamper the mental and the physical health of a child. If one of the parents is involved in such abusive nature, another parent can take the help of the family lawyers in Sydney to protect the well being of their child by dissolving the parental relationship.

If some other person wishes to legally become the parent of the child, the family lawyers in Sydney help them to get the legal rights.

  • Emancipation and Approval of Underage Marriages

If someone under the age of 18 years want to get married or free from their parent’s control, they can ask the family lawyers in Sydney to help them. The lawyers can file a petition in the family court.

Juvenile Matters

The family lawyers in Sydney also take care of the juvenile matters like child neglect, child abuse, etc. These cases are directed by the District Attorney Juvenile Division.

There are the kinds of cases that the family lawyers in Sydney handle.

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