Today there is cutthroat competition in everything. There is competition among law firm websites to attract the most customers, and there is competition among SEO companies to interest the greatest number of law firms and help them achieve their goals.

For an SEO company to become the most approached among law firms, they need to offer the best SEO for law firms in all aspects, helping them set up their website to start ranking on result pages and then optimizing the finer details that pull them ahead of their local competition.

This article focuses on some of the nuances of law firm SEO and how to implement them.

Research and Analysis

The SEO for any law firm website must begin with a thorough research and analysis about the current rankings and status of the entire website. In in-depth SEO audit of the website will reveal clear goals and guidelines for the SEO companies to work on.

The primary focus lies in performing keyword research for the respective law firm’s practice areas. After incorporating these keywords, the SEO Company can shift focus to issues and errors. The dead ends or 400 errors should be dealt with first after which indexing problems are to be resolved.

Other issues to be analyzed and resolved are optimized images, optimized title tags and headers, enough internal, external, and backlinks, updated website content, implementation of schema markup, and many more.

Online and Offline Authority

An SEO company should understand that the vast number of factors affecting Google’s algorithm cannot just be resolved by making some changes to the website. Many of the steps have to be taken off-site as well.

The many ways of establishing authority include writing and distributing press releases, claiming and verifying local citations and directory listings, setting up and carefully managing social media accounts, securing high-end directories, publishing high-quality guest posts, creating case studies based on Google Consumer Surveys, and posting highly shareable infographics.

These authority establishing steps play a crucial role in cutting ahead of the regional competition and improving a law firm website’s local SEO.

Progress Tracking

An SEO company’s job is to help a law firm rise higher in web rankings. This process is objectively long and requires constant monitoring of the website’s statistics to decipher the areas it is lacking in.

The tool SEM Rush tells how many keywords a website is ranking for over a specific period of time. It can also be used to estimate traffic and the cost of that traffic.

Google Analytics is a useful tool to find out exactly how many visitors arrive at a website through search engines, that is organic traffic. This tool also provides data on which web pages are receiving the most traffic i.e. important landing pages on a website.

On the quest to become the lawyer seo, the nuances matter as much as the common tips every SEO company follows around the world.

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