When you face a hit and run car accident, you definitely feel angry and disgust for the person who did it. People sometimes get so much angry that they commit mistakes and do not get the compensations they deserve, so if you experience a hit and run car accident try to be patient and wise. Use all the information available on the scene and get the reimbursement of all your losses. Here is an illustration of what to do to get your compensations and work smoothly throughout the situation.


When a car hits you as a pedestrian, bicyclist or your car in a parking lot and intentionally leaves the scene without providing you any contact number to collect your damages then the driver of the hitting car is a criminal offender of hit and run.


File a claim of the car accident to your insurance company who can help you to cover your costs but if you find it difficult to get the compensation through your insurance company then you should get a Yakima car accident lawyer and prosecute the driver of the hitting car. A lawyer can better explain you the applicable penalties for a hit and run accident.


First of all you need to record the model, make and the license plate number of the car that hit you. Then you should look around for the witnesses if there are any then record their confession and finally take pictures of the location, your car and note down the time and location of accident.

If you were away when the car had hit you then you should write down the time location and damage caused by the person.


As soon as the accident occurs call the police and report the accident and all the important information to them. This will help you to claim your accident to the insurance company. Even if the police remain unable to find the driver you can have the copy of an official report and in this way you can rely on it for future.

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