You are a safe and conscientious driver. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of other motorists. There are people who will not recognize the danger of sending text messages, talking on the phone, or talking to other drivers when on the road. If you have been injured in an accident with such a person, you do have legal options.

Your First Move

Even as you heal, you should begin to plan. Your first call should be to a personal injury lawyer such as the ones found at Hasner Law. Your lawyer will be eager to hear your side of the story. During the initial consultation they will ask you to recall the events and circumstances that led to the accident and all that has happened afterward. Your lawyer will want to know the particulars of the collision and how they have affected you and your family. They will be especially interested in your prognosis. This information will be used to help formulate a legal strategy.

When You Should Sue

You need not file a lawsuit straightaway. Once you have hired a lawyer, they will approach the insurance company of the driver who hit you to get their offer. If the insurance company refuses to acknowledge that their client is at fault or makes an offer that is far too low, then you will need to sue.

There are plenty of reasons to do so. If the accident was especially bad, you may have to spend weeks or months in the hospital. You will be without income during this time and it will lead to the accumulation of medical bills, including expenses for rehabilitative treatment and prescription drug medication.

The accident may even cost you your livelihood. If you are in a profession that is physically demanding, the accident may drive you out of it. Even if you work in an office job, you may be forced to reduce the number of hours you work or take a lower-paying position.

This can add strain to your family’s finances. You should not have to endure this on your own. The person whose recklessness has led to such disruption in your life should be made to pay for it.

The Role of Your Lawyer

One of the first things your lawyer will do is get a copy of the accident report. They will then engage the services of their own professional investigators. The latter will re-examine the scene of the accident and re-interview witnesses. Your lawyer will also bring in auto accident reconstruction experts who will be able to develop a simulation of how the accident unfolded based on the evidence at the scene. Your lawyer will also bring in medical experts who will offer statements and testimony that explain the nature and extent of your injuries and why they could have only been sustained in the car accident.

In the end, the insurance company may decide to settle the case rather than risk the judgment of a jury.


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