If your business wants to bring somebody with an ability that is exceptional into the United States for work for your business, you need to consider working with an O1 visa lawyer. An O-1 Visa is one that is designed to let foreigners who are at the very top of the sciences, arts, sports, business, education, motion pictures or television industries entrance into the US to work at a primary period of up to 3 years.

O-1 Visa Lawyer

  • Visa attorneys help to make the decision to permanently reside in the United States. These attorneys understand the required documentation needs to prove extraordinary ability as well as help you avoid any unneeded obstacles throughout the application processes.

  • A good immigration attorney specializes in employment based green card as well as advises you on additional work visa options if the O-1 visa is not appropriate in your condition.

  • If you need a person of abilities that are extraordinary to stay in the United States for much longer than the original O-1 Visa, an immigration attorney can help with getting the extensions for the O-1 Visa. A good O-1 lawyer cans assistance with getting O-2 Visas for necessary assistants and Visas for the dependent relative of O-1 Visa beneficiaries.

  • A good immigration attorney offers extensive immigration consultations to any person interested in O-1 and other work Visas. Most of these types of attorney specialize so they are not hard to find.

Visa extensions

O-1 Visa extensions can be acquired if the person with an O-1 Visa is achievable for those assistants who are vital to the person with exceptional ability can be available for an O-2 Visa that allows them to enter the US for work also. A scientist can be able to acquire an O-2 Visa for an indispensable lab aide or an actor might need on O-2 for a promoter.

O-1 Visa types

These Visa types are for those people who have been recognized internationally or nationally and have either ability that are extraordinary in the business, sciences, arts, education, or athletics, or have made extraordinary achievements in television or motion pictures. An O-1A Visa is for individuals in education, business, athletics or sciences. An O-1B Visa is for those individuals in the arts, television or motion pictures.

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